About us

Medical imaging and diagnostics is a collective term for all kinds of ways to make images of the inside of a man. These imaging techniques provide faster and more effective diagnoses and treatments and thus contribute substantially to cost savings and quality improvement in healthcare. A number of imaging technologies are used routinely, but, the need for innovation is still enormous, in the field of hardware development (robotic arms (for intervention), MRI coils, ultrasound sensors, etc.), software development (improving visualization, analysis and methodology), contrast agents and expanding application areas (to underpin the efficacy of a product).

Our aim

CMI-NEN 2.0, a Centre of Research Excellence (CoRE) established by RUG/UMCG, University of Twente and Siemens Healthineers Netherlands, aims to promote the above developments: develop and validate new techniques, and investigate their effectiveness in improving clinical care supported by AI and HTA.