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Our partners

CMI-NEN has been founded by the three academic partners: Siemens Healthineers Netherlands, UMCG/RUG (Groningen) and the University of Twente (Enschede). The unique strengths of the academic partners are:

Siemens Healthineers

  • Siemens partnership in Groningen & Twente
  • Large range
  • Valorization opportunities


  • PUSH Siemens & Medical Imaging Center RUG/UMCG
  • LifeLines, Healthy Aging, Kolff Institute/Bridge
  • Strong Molecular Imaging expertise and facilities UMCG/RUG
  • Cross-border connection with Germany (Oldenburg and Munster)
  • Central Animal Laboratory, GRONSAI
  • Direct link between Prof. dr. R.H.J.A. Slart in Groningen & UTwente
  • TG/BME student internships/BME student internships 
  • Proton Center
  • Department of AI, Data Science & Systems Complexity center (DSSC) 

University of Twente

  • Development of translational imaging and enablers
  • Ecosystem of medtech companies
  • Strong in valorisation
  • Technical Medicine & Biomedical Engineering curricula
  • Cooperation with Münster, Germany
  • Regional active hospitals ZGT and MST
  • TechMed centre for research and education