CMI-NENThe SymposiumDr. Elsmarieke van de Giessen

Dr. Elsmarieke van de Giessen

Amsterdam UMC
Nuclear radiologist

PET in Alzheimer

PET imaging in dementia is used in the diagnostic phase and is widely used in patient selection for clinical trials. The application and future prospectives of 18F-FDG PET, amyloid PET and tau PET will be discussed. In addition, first steps towards PET imaging of brain delivery and distribution of novel therapeutic candidates for dementia will shown.


Elsmarieke van de Giessen is trained as a nuclear radiologist (combined radiology and nuclear medicine training). Her research focuses on neuro nuclear medicine. While initially the primary focus was on imaging of the dopamine system using PET and SPECT, including a post-doc at Columbia University Medical Center in New York, she now broadened her research line to imaging in dementia.