CMI-NENSeed money vouchers

Seed money vouchers

General information

The Center for Medical Imaging North East Netherlands (CMI-NEN) is a cooperation with the University of Groningen (RUG), University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), the University of Twente (UT), and  Siemens Healthineers Netherlands (Siemens). This consortium can jointly apply for grants, such as IMDI grants for which CMI-NEN is recognized as CoRE and beyond. The goal is to improve collaborations in Medical Imaging research between UT, UMCG/RUG and Siemens Healthineers Netherlands. To facilitate this further, CMI-NEN requests the Executive Boards of UT, UMCG/UG and Siemens for some available financial support for booster projects. These 1 or 2-year projects will be focused on setting up or strengthening collaboration between UT, UMCG/RUG and Siemens and getting first results and knowledge. Projects should build on the complementary knowledge of researchers from both universities and industry in order to achieve synergy effects by technical-clinical-industrial collaboration. The outcomes of the booster projects are expected to form the backbone of larger collaborative proposals targeting extramural funding.

A total of 60K Euro per year is requested and supplied by 20k Euro per partner of CMI-NEN. In total 4 projects of 15k Euro will be granted; 1 per research domain. Final decision to be based on evaluation results and expected proposals budget. The coming CMI-NEN symposium will be on 14th April 2023, and will be an excellent moment to introduce the boosters.


Evaluation and Criteria

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Research proposals should be submitted in the web application below. Please use the CMI-NEN 2023 Proposal format for your proposal (download it below). The project title, keywords and public summary will be included in the proposal. 

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